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The Invisible Rising American Electorate (RAE) Missing in Polls

In Women & Politics on November 4, 2012 at 5:31 am

The Invisible Rising American Electorate (RAE) Missing in Polls.


The Invisible Rising American Electorate (RAE) Missing in Polls

In Women & Politics on November 4, 2012 at 5:25 am
Election 2008 map, Mitt Romney - Republican Pr...

Election 2008 map, Mitt Romney – Republican Primary Support (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


LuVorise Dahlman, MA, HCS & Columnist

After watching the Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, I thought to myself women and minority voices are not heard enough in the media as it relates to our concerns during this election. Most of the media’s feedback is from a male perspective, as if they are the “only” ones that can have a perspective on anything. I’m also disappointed in the female news correspondents, who in an attempt to prove to their male colleagues how objective they can be when reporting the news, that they astutely gloss over the War on Women’s Rights too, as if these types of changes in legislation if they were to occur, will not affect them. We as women want to see more news reporting on what women are thinking as it relates to a Romney and Ryan Pro-life White House Administration. We need to know how these polices will affect women’s lives economically, not having access to contraceptives and paying more than men for basic healthcare.

As part of any polling measures, consideration must be given to how information is perceived by gender, ethnicity and life experiences. A generic poll geared towards a male’s perspective on politics no longer suffices given the diversity of the American population. If, the polls were truly a reflection of the American electorate, then the media would have had a better understanding that the dynamics of this election is heavily weighted on social issues and that they impact the bottom line too. The polling data isn’t reflecting the Rising American Electorate’s invisible voice, which could determine the election, in other words let’s better understand the possible cause and the effect. The Voter Participation Center (VPC), formerly known as Women’s Voices, who conduct programs that are designed to boost the registration, turnout, by raising issue awareness and civic involvement of the Rising American Electorate (RAE), know that “Women Vote”.  Unfortunately, based upon current polling models this rising electorate’s voice isn’t really being heard nor accurately reflected in the polls by the media. Some polls are even suggesting that President Obama gets a “free” pass with black voters simply because he is black, and I beg to differ with this assertion.

Could it be that the President may lead among this 53% electorate made up largely of women and minorities due to a perceived backward consciousness of socialization by his challenger Governor Mitt Romney and his Republican party’s outdated ideologies as they relate to women and minorities such as:

  • Republican Pro-Life position of Gov. Romney/Congressman Ryan ticket
  • Quote from Governor Mitt Romney 47% of electorate do not take responsibility for their lives
  • No Separation of Church and State
  • Christian Fanaticism
  • Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin and his legitimate rape ideology
  • Republicans voting against equal pay for equal Work (Lilly Ledbetter Act)
  • Republican State Rep. Steve King, birth control is preventing the birth of babies
  • Republican State Rep. Terry England comparison of women to farm animals while discussing an abortion measure
  • Republican Jim Crow Voter Suppression efforts
  • Republican Representative Jon Hubbard Pro-Slavery advocate.
  • Republican Representative Charlie Fuqua of Arkansas proposes death penalty for rebellious children and deporting Muslims
  • Republican Tommy Thompson he will get rid of Medicare and Medicaid
  • Daniel Johnson, white supremacist with ties to Republican Rep. Ron Paul is running for an open congressional seat and wants to amend the Constitution to limit citizenship to whites only

The RAE is made up of unmarried women, (women who are widowed, divorced or separated); people of color and young people who combined comprise 53% of the voting eligible. It is these invisible voices that could be the biggest determining factor in the 2012 election since; women and minority issues are a matter of economics. In the words of Dr. Miles Monroe “when you do not know the purpose of a thing abuse is inevitable and abuse is made up of two words: normal and abnormal and shorten to the word abuse”. So if there is a normal use for polls, then there is also the abnormal use of polls which can be summarized by me as poll abuse. The media needs to do a better job reflecting the entire electorate.  In the end, we must all vote according to our philosophical and ideological beliefs neither which may or may not encompass a more inclusive society. The correct polling sample should matter to the news media when communicating to their respective and captive audiences whether left, right or centrist leaning.


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